Fun For All Ages – Get In On the Race – Go Karting

Go kart racing is an extremely popular sport enjoyed by the young and old, boys and girls, and men and women. Indoors or outdoors for any occasion such as birthday parties, corporate parties, or just because. The whole family can get involved as there is a job for all. Every skill level can enjoy this sport from newbies, to local club teams up to national competition levels.

In addition to traditional go kart racing events, many businesses offer recreational indoor go kart racing in cities all over the United States. Often located in updated warehouses, amusement parks, or attached to putt-putt golf facilities. Indoor go karts are either powered by electricity or 4-stroke gas engines and allow for one occupant.

Facilities that offer go Kart racing Milwaukee operate on a basis called “arrive and drive”, which means that customers are allowed to race at any time during business hours, without having to bring their own equipment. The go karts are rented in sessions lasting typically 10 – 15 minutes. All safety gear including helmets, driving suit, and gloves are provided as part of the cost.

The various types of karts and racing tracks most common are:

Sprint Racing – Usually set on an outside asphalt course during daylight hours. These tracks may have right, left, and hair-pin turns. Straight-aways and banked monza’s might be included. Track length varies from a few hundred meters to about 1500 meters. Due to the limited track length, speed is the key element and the course usually takes 15-20 minutes to finish.


Endurance Racing – This type of racing is performed on large tracks like Daytona International Speedway and is for experienced drivers due to the speeds involved and the costs. As the name suggests this type of racing is meant to test a driver’s endurance as a race may last from 1 hour to an entire day.

Dirt or Speedway – This form of bachelor parties Milwaukee WI are held on clay, dirt, or asphalt tracks. The track is oval and can be up to 1/4-mile in length, but usually between 200 and 400 meters. The has left turns only and there can be up to four of them. If the track is dirt the racing is usually held at night only.

Considered a very affordable sport go Karts Milwaukee popularity is steadily increasing. Children can start out racing go karts as young as age six developing a life-long passion. It even has benefits such as sharpening eye-hand coordination and reflex conditioning.